‘Naive and false about the facts’: former CIA chief of staff bashes Trump's gullible North Korea policy
Jeremy Bash (MSNBC)

Former chief of staff at the CIA Jeremy Bash didn't hold back on an MSNBC guest turn Monday.

"In some ways, the president is trying to speak his own reality," Bash told MSNBC's Nicolle Wallace, continuing: "like he's doing with the wall [saying] 'the wall is being built' [but] no, it's not. Like they're giving up their nuclear weapons...no, they're not," he added.

In both cases, he continued, the Trump administration is "naive" and "false about the facts" -- especially when it comes to North Korea, the expert told Wallace Monday.

As for Wallace herself, she dug right into the heart of Trump's confused North Korea positions, often at odds with Trump's own intelligence agency experts, over the past two years, saying "one of the most serious things going on right now is his divide with the intelligence community."

Wallace continued: "this is where it matters. this is why it matters...that he doesn't believe Gina [Haspel] and Dan Coats...he's going to sit there and either believe the Russians who gave him advice, or murderous thugs sitting across from him."

Watch the segment below.