NC Democratic chair slams state GOP for backing out of call for new election after fraud admission
NC Democratic Party Chair Wayne Goodwin/MSNBC screen shot

Chair of the North Carolina Democratic Party, Wayne Goodwin, slammed the state Republican Party on Tuesday, telling CNN that now that a campaign worker for Republican congressman Mark Harris had admitted to election fraud, the party was trying to back out of their promise to call for new elections.

"In North Carolina, the law says it's not just showing that there is enough to close the gap" of votes cast, Goodwin said. "If there was sufficient activity of illegal behavior, and here it's not just a question of alleged election fraud, there's actual election fraud that has been found, and admitted to by a witness yesterday, and by others."

"If the election has been tainted in such a way to where there was an unfair process, an unfair election was held, then it doesn't matter if the gap is closed or not," he continued. He then all but called his counterpart, Executive Director of the North Carolina Republican Party Dallas Woodhouse, a liar who couldn't be trusted to keep a promise, after host Brooke Baldwin ran a clip of the Republican denying the evidence of fraud.

"He and the state Republican Party said if it was proven there was election fraud, and now there's admitted fraud by at least one witness on the stand in addition to what was found out today that there were early vote totals and released illegally before the election was over, the Republican Party of North Carolina said they would call for a new election," he added angrily. "They have been on so many sides of this issue.

"First they were for a new election, then they were against new election. They were for certification, then they were against certification," he went on. "If you look at it in an objective way you can only say there must be a new election because this process was tainted. The evidence supports that."

Watch the video below.