NPR host corners Kellyanne Conway over notorious cyberbully Trump inviting a bullied boy to SOTU
Kellyanne Conway (Fox News)

An NPR host hammered Kellyanne Conway over President Donald Trump's use of social media to "cyberbully" his critics and opponents.

Rachel Martin, co-host of "Morning Edition," asked whether the president would mention an 11-year-old he and Melania Trump had invited to attend the State of the Union address because he had been bullied for his name, Joshua Trump.

"Is the president going to mention him in his address, and, if so, is he going to apologize for his own role in cyberbullying people with whom he disagrees?" Martin asked.

Conway, a senior White House adviser, tried to dance away from Martin's question.

"We're certainly happy that Joshua Trump is coming, and his story really tugs at the heartstrings of anybody, but especially those of us like me who have school-age children," she said.

Martin pressed again and asked whether Trump would apologize for using the internet to bully people, and Conway suggested his victims deserved whatever abuse the president dished out.

"The president uses his considerable media platform to cut through the middle men who don't always tell the truth about his record," Conway said. "The president is also a counterpuncher, if you're talking about how he calls out a senator from Connecticut who lied about being in Vietnam and never was, if you're talking about calling out people who criticize him or if he's calling out the racist abortionist governor of Virginia, who's a Democrat."

Martin refused to let her off the hook.

"He also calls out his own intelligence chief," Martin said, "calling them naïve, saying they should go back to school, calling Maxine Waters low-IQ. There is, though, some hypocrisy, people have pointed out, to inviting a young man who's been bullied, not to dismiss his claims, but to ignore the president's own role."

Conway again ran away from the question.

"(Parents) across the country who have school-age children who can be subject to this really appreciate the president and the first lady highlighting it, especially the first lady's platform, her #BeBest platform, which includes this as a major piece," Conway said.

She then laid into Waters, a California Democrat, and claimed Trump was the victim of bullying by is opponents.

"Let me just say one thing about Maxine Waters," Conway said. "She's the incoming chairman of the Financial Services Committee. In an interview over the weekend he said they were headed toward impeachment how that responsible use of her chairmanship in the opening month. How is it. You've got a speaker who said we're not heading that way."

"The country doesn't want to hear that," Conway added. "You talk about healing and unity, and you've got them out there making noises about impeachment -- it's very irresponsible."