'The president lost': Former GOP congressman says Trump's foolish tactics doomed his border wall fight
Donald Trump signaling craziness of protesters (Photo: Screen capture)

On Monday night, negotiators in the House and Senate agreed to a tentative deal to spend $1.375 billion on a border barrier.

The amount was far less than President Donald Trump's demand for $5.7 billion.

On CNN Tuesday, former Republican representative and commentator Charlie Dent knocked the President for setting the wildly unrealistic expectation that Mexico would pay for a wall across the entire Southwest border.

"You have to say the president lost," Dent said.

"He lost because he set an unrealistic expectation. He talked about a wall and Mexico paying for it, 2,000 miles. He has walked it back. Now that we are having a serious conversation he is going to get 700 miles which is what I supported when I was a co-sponsor of the Secure Fences Act," Dent added. "It was done with expert consultation. He is doing the things that need to be done but is not going to get this pie in the sky wall that he foolishly promised during the campaign."