Rick Wilson levels Trump's 'false flag' emergency aimed at riling up 'his press-hatin’ yokel' base
Rick Wilson on CNN/Screenshot

Conservative political consultant Rick Wilson laid into President Donald Trump in a late night Daily Beast column over his Rose Garden emergency declaration press conference that the acerbic commentator labeled "part coke ramblings, part tween-girl pity party."

According to Wilson, there is no emergency at the border that called for a presidential declaration and the whole speech and action is aimed at pleasing his "his press-hatin’ yokel' base."

"It was, as always, quite a performance, so long as you don’t confuse the hyperverbal machine-gun show put on by a capering, jiggling Trump with him articulating a reason for his actions," Wilson wrote with his usual understatement. "This was a performance for his press-hatin’ yokels, a display of Trump’s feral cunning about how easily satisfied the corrupt remnants of the Republican party are by his clownish media tantrums."

"The declaration of a phony national emergency represents the biggest false flag in recent American political history," he continued. " Sure, Ann Coulter peeks through the curtains seven times a night to spot the oncoming brown horde, but no serious person believes this rises to anything near the level of an actual crisis."

Wilson then got in a dig at Trump being played by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA).

"An extra-constitutional order based on a false crisis is something much worse than just a feeble PR play by a frustrated, failed president itching to do something after being slapped by Nancy Pelosi," he charged before adding, "Watching Trump seize on an emergency order with the passion he normally reserves for his nightly bucket of KFC was ugly, but unsurprising. He’s never embraced the role of American president, and has chafed whenever told he’s anything less than a king. "

According to Wilson, Republicans he spoke with aren't happy with Trump's decision -- but then he caustically noted they won't do anything about it.

"I spoke to Republicans in both the House and Senate today, including several who are strong supporters of the president. Every single one thinks the executive order is an absolutely terrible idea. As policy, the emergency order is a flaming disaster. Nothing good will come of it, and they all know it, he wrote. "They know it. They're terrified of it. And, as always, they won’t do a thing to stop it."

Wilson concluded, "Donald Trump may act the fool and the bully, but his actions are no joke. They open the door for more violations, more depredations that bode nothing but ill for the republic. He can and should be held to account, but I can guarantee you one thing: that won’t come from the Republican party."

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