Sanders could be Mueller 'target’ if she helped cover up Don Jr.’s Russia meeting: Ex US attorney
White House press secretary Sarah Sanders (Screenshot)

Former U.S. attorney Joyce Vance was unsurprised that White House press secretary Sarah Sanders was questioned by special counsel Robert Mueller, and said much could hinge on whether she was an unwitting victim of President Donald Trump's lies about his son's fateful meeting with Russians in Trump Tower, or whether she was actively involved in the cover-up.

It is "completely unsurprising that Sarah Huckabee Sanders has found herself at least a witness in this investigation," said Vance, adding that she might well be "a subject or target."

"As a prosecutor, I would want to question her and determine whether she was sent to the podium with the cover-up story as though it were truth, essentially sent out as a victim to peddle lies like so many others in this administration have been, or if she was part of formulating the cover-up," Vance continued. "If she was involved in formulating the cover-up, or heard any conversation about creating a story, she's become a very important witness."

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