Sarah Sanders mocks Ann Coulter's bitter rage in Fox News interview: She isn't an 'influential voice'
White House press secretary Sarah Sanders. (Fox News/screenshot)

Following the lead of President Donald Trump, White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders kneecapped conservative media superstar Ann Coulter in a Friday appearance on Fox's The Daily Briefing, saying the far right bomb thrower wasn't 'an influential voice.'

After Sanders dropped some familiar bromides -President Obama was bad, President Trump will leave "an incredible legacy", President Trump won the 2016 election- host Dana Perino steered the conversation to the president's response to a question about his relationship with conservative media.

Reading from a tweet Coulter posted moments after Trump's emergency declaration, in which she slammed the president's actions, Perino asked, "Do you think the media over-exaggerates the influence that somebody like Ann Coulter has on the White House?" Sanders laughed disdainfully.

"I don't think Ann Coulter has any influence over this White House or influence over much of anything," Sanders said. "I just don't see her as being an influential voice in this country, and certainly not one in this building."

It has been widely reported that the president walked away from a bipartisan bill that passed the Senate unanimously after being shamed by prominent conservative media figures, with Ann Coulter taking perhaps the harshest stance.

Watch the video below.