'Scam of the century': Internet greets news that tax refunds are still down this week with scorn
Woman Figuring Taxe

The Internal Revenue Service released data late Friday showing refunds are down for the third consecutive week, Politico reported, with the typical payment made through Feb. 15 totaling $2,703, compared to $3,256 during the same period last year.

This tax season has drawn howls from many middle class taxpayers who have seen anemic returns compared to the last few years.

"This filing season is the first under Republicans’ overhaul of the tax code, and lawmakers have already been under fire as some taxpayers find their expected refunds smaller or gone altogether," Politico wrote Friday. "The payments are sacrosanct to many Americans who rely on them to fill holes in their budgets."

Reaction was mixed on Twitter, but many voiced their frustration with the GOP's tax 'scam' overhaul and vented in response to Politico's tweet on taxes late Friday evening. A few of the best responses below.