Watch SNL’s super clip of Donald Trump ‘doing his impression of a coke addict’
Saturday Night Live's Colin Jost (screengrab)

Saturday Night Live brutally mocked President Donald Trump's address to the nation declaring a national emergency to build his border wall.

The show's "cold open" segment featured Alec Baldwin impersonating Trump.

They returned to the subject during their "Weekend Update" segment.

"President Trump declared a national emergency yesterday and argued that we need a wall to stop the flow of drugs into our country," Colin Jost reported. "And to demonstrate how bad the problem is, Trump spent 21 minutes doing his impression of a coke addict."

The host the played a supercut of quotes from Trump's press conference.

They then played a clip of Trump's "sing-song voice" predicting the path the court challenges to declaration would take.

"Oh, my God. That guy controls our nuclear weapons," Jost mimicked.

"Watching that was like if School House Rock had a stroke," he added.

"We've been making fun of this dude and his dumbass wall for so long, I got to be honest, now I kind of want to see the wall," Michael Che said.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer than joined to two on set.