Speaker Nancy Pelosi psychoanalyzes Trump -- and says he's 'projecting his own issues' onto Democrats
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) -- CNN screenshot

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi met with network reporters to answer any questions ahead of President Donald Trump's third State of the Union.

"The gist was that they spoke late last week when she re-invited the president to come for the State of the Union and they did have a lengthy, about 12 to 10 minutes conversation about areas they can get together and mostly about infrastructure," CNN's Dana Bash reported Tuesday.

Pelosi reportedly talked about how she thinks both parties can come together for an infrastructure package. However, only if "the president doesn't repeat some of the Republican proposals for infrastructure of the past, primarily the notion of it being a public/private partnership with most on the side of the private side," Bash continued.

The first female speaker was also asked about whether she's feeling pressure from more Progressive members of the caucus on border wall funding. It's a comment the president made about the new members.

"I got a good old-fashion eye roll as you can imagine," Bash said about asking Pelosi the question. "The gist of what the Speaker said is that the president doesn't know anything about her caucus and she did a little psychoanalyzing. She said, he projects and talks about other people's concerns when it's his own concern, meaning worried about the caucus. And she said that it's exposing his own issues, any time he says something, you have to turn [it around]. It's really about him."

CNN host Wolf Blitzer said that there are some Trump supporters saying new Democrats are being held captive by Pelosi on the wall.

"That was the gist of my question," Bash agreed. "That's why she was -- she really shot back in a pretty stern way saying that is just not true. And Chuck Schumer (D-NY) was at this meeting as well. They insisted that these bipartisan negotiations, the so-called conference committee, which is the way legislation is supported to go on, which are going on over border security, they insisted that they see some progress, they hear progress from the negotiators. I will tell you that other people are less rosy about those negotiations. They are looking at that."

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