Trump admin eyeing Transportation Deputy to oversee Robert Mueller probe: report
Department of Transportation official portrait of Jeffrey A. Rosen

President Donald Trump's latest pick to be Attorney General has not yet be confirmed by the U.S. Senate, but is already considering how to oversee special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation, CNN reported Wednesday.

Former George H.W. Bush Attorney General William Barr is expected to face a Senate floor vote on his confirmation later this week.

"Barr has also begun discussions on a successor to Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, who has overseen the Mueller probe for most of its existence," CNN reported.

"Jeffrey Rosen, the deputy transportation secretary who was confirmed by the Senate in 2017, has emerged as the top contender for the job, multiple sources familiar with the discussions tell CNN," they noted. "Rosen previously served as general counsel at the Transportation Department and in the Office of Management and Budget in the administration of President George W. Bush."

Rosen would be first Deputy Attorney General in a quarter century to take the job without any prior experience working at the Department of Justice.

"Assuming Barr is confirmed, as is widely expected, sources say an official announcement on the deputy attorney general will likely come sooner than later," CNN noted.