Trump is already tweeting justifications for his 'national emergency'
Donald Trump on the US-Mexico Border (Photo: Screen capture)

President Donald Trump's White House is already preparing the paperwork to declare a national emergency if Congress doesn't give him funding for his border wall.

The president saw Rep. Tom McClintock (R-CA) on the cable news shows and quoted his endorsement of the national emergency. Republicans are already fearful that it will set a bad precedent for future presidents.

“President is on sound legal ground to declare a National Emergency. There have been 58 National Emergencies declared since the law was enacted in 1976, and 31 right now that are currently active, so this is hardly unprecedented,” Trump tweeted citing McClintock.

He then turned to trash Democrats for not being willing to hand over the money.

"The Border Committee Democrats are behaving, all of a sudden, irrationally. Not only are they unwilling to give dollars for the obviously needed Wall (they overrode recommendations of Border Patrol experts), but they don’t even want to take muderers into custody! What’s going on?" Trump tweeted.