Trump inches away from waving white flag of surrender on the border wall: columnist
Donald Trump speaks from the Oval Office (Photo: screen grab/CNN)

President Donald Trump has been adamant about receiving billions in funds from Congress to build his campaign promise wall at the US-Mexico border.

However, as a second government shutdown looms nears, Trump is apparently ready to cave. According to New York Magazin's Ed Kilgore, multiple reports reveal that Trump is close to surrendering.

A report from the New York Times says that Trump might settle for 2 billion, which is a far cry from the 5 billion that he was fighting for.

"On Capitol Hill, House and Senate conferees were nearing an agreement that could offer the president around $2 billion in funding for physical barriers, a number, still subject to change, that could result in a deal as early as Monday," the report said.

Trump has also lashed out and said that he would declare a national emergency, but has been advised by top White House aides not to go that route.

"This time Trump is not going to be able to pretend that he’s anything other than a big ol’ loser in a game he created all by himself," The New York Mag said.