Trump talks about the wall like he just ran into one: Seth Meyers
Seth Meyers talks about Donald Trump's handling of hurricanes/Screenshot

On Wednesday, comedian Seth Meyers joked the President Donald Trump's rhetoric around the  wall at the US-Mexico border is so confusing that it sounds like he actually ran into a wall.

"Every few months we have to go through this exhausting ritual where we pretend the president knows what he is talking about even though it is clear that he doesn't," Meyers joked.

He then played a video of Trump's respond to lawmakers latest proposal on the border wall that would avert another government shut down.

In one moment Trump said that he was unhappy about the proposal and that he was thrilled about the progress.

"Before [Trump] showed up we never talked about walls at all, or chanted about them," Meyers said. "In the span of 20 seconds, he went from being not happy to saying he was thrilled to saying that he was doing things that are fantastic."

"If we let him keep talking he will say, 'I'm moving to the southern border with my best friend the wall, and we are filming for a TV show and we will call it 'Wall and Grace,'" Meyers said.

Watch below: