Virginia Capitol Police officer placed on leave after being accused of white supremacist ties
Robert Stamm (Facebook)

A Virginia Capitol Police sergeant has been placed on administration leave over his alleged ties to white nationalist groups.

Sgt. Robert Stamm was outed as a possible white nationalist by the Antifa Seven Hills group, which examined his social media history after an activist spotted a bandage covering a neck tattoo that they claimed was a Nazi symbol.

A search of his Facebook profile showed Stamm, previously known as Robert Goward, had gotten an anchor tattoo to cover up a wolfsangel, an early symbol of the Nazi Party used by German SS troops during World War II.

The antifa group also claimed photographs of Stamm in front of a Thin Blue Line “Punisher” flag and the flag of Viking king Ragnar Lothbrok were evidence he had an affinity for white nationalist groups.

The officer also appears to be associated with the Asatru Folk Assembly, a neo-pagan organization that the Southern Poverty Law Center has described as a hate group.

Stamm, who has been with the Capitol Police since 2014, was placed on paid leave during the investigation of a possible violation of division police, reported WTVR-TV.

He was promoted to sergeant last year, and has completed a one-week course at FBI National Academy for front-line supervisors in law enforcement.