Virginia Gov. Northam finds a defender in Fox News' Chris Wallace: 'It was 35 years ago'
Chris Wallace (Fox News/screen grab)

Embattled Virginia Giv. Ralph Northam (D) picked up one cable news personality willing to give him the benefit of the doubt after he admitted that he --at least once -- dressed up on blackface, with Chris Wallace of Fox News stating it happened years ago.

During a panel discussion on Fox News Sunday, host Wallace posed the provocative question over whether there is a statute of limitations when it comes to outrage over what appears to be a single incident.

With Wallace saying it was beyond question that the photo in Northam's college yearbook appeared to be hateful, he noted that it happened years ago.

"It was 35 years ago, and this governor does have a pretty good record of reaching out to African-Americans, he has been a member of an African-American church," he suggested. "Is it just impossible, in the year 2019, to even consider whether you should judge a person’s whole life of work against one terrible mistake?”

According to Fox panelist Jonah Goldberg, Wallace had a point, but that Northam should resign nonetheless.

"In principle," Goldberg remarked, "I absolutely think you should be able to apologize sincerely for this, and maybe part of the problem is that a sincere apology would come with a resignation, not with what we’ve seen.”

The National Review writer then went a step further.

“But we’re in the moment we were talking about giving felons second chances because of mistakes they’ve made when they’ve killed people or murdered people or raped people,” Goldberg claimed. “Surely if this was a stand-alone thing that he did in his past, and the contrition was sincere, I think we should be able to get over it."

You can watch the video below via Fox: