Stephen Miller pummeled over his ‘absurd’ border wall lies in scathing Washington Post column
White House aide Stephen Miller (image via screenshot)

On Thursday, Washington Post writer Greg Sargent smacked down White House aide Stephen Miller for spreading 'national sovereignty’ lies about the US-Mexico border.

Sargent picked apart a Sunday interview that Miller did with Fox News, and called out his lies one by one.

Miller argued that President Donald Trump's border wall is absolutely necessary and that without it the "president can’t defend this country, then he cannot fulfill this constitutional oath of office."

"Studies show that undocumented immigrants commit crimes at lower rates than native-born Americans and that illegal immigration does not lead to increased crime or violence," he said.

Adding, "And even if you give very generous treatment to the slippery rhetorical trick Miller uses — note that Miller refers to deaths at the hands of vaguely defined 'threats'— and include deaths from drugs, this doesn’t support Miller’s argument, either, because Trump’s wall wouldn’t stop the flow of drugs, most of which come through official ports of entry."

He then explained that Miller's assertion that "we’re losing control of our country" is completely "absurd."

"This is not true by any reasonable metric — illegal border crossings are near historic lows, while the number of Border Patrol agents has expanded to an extraordinary degree, and terrorists breaching the border is a nonexistent problem. This is all well documented. What needs to be pointed out more often is that these things blow up the second, bigger lie — that we don’t have a country or national sovereignty," he said.

"Trump/Miller conception of national sovereignty fundamentally misstates what the term really means," he wrote.

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