Watch: Activists burn Klansman effigy at 'victory march' after white nationalists don't show up to Georgia rally
Marchers at a Confederate memorial in Georgia take the streets and burn an Klansman effigy/Screenshots

White nationalists did not show up for the Super Bowl weekend rally they'd planned at a Confederate memorial outside Atlanta, leaving more than 100 leftist marchers to march through the park, reports the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Authorities had closed Stone Mountain park to avoid the march by self-described white nationalists.

The march originally planned fell apart amidst infighting between the various far-right groups.

More than 100 counter-protestors, many masked and several carrying guns, still showed up to march, chanting slogans including like “Good night, alt right,” "the KKK stayed home today" and “Death to the Klan.”

At one point the protesters burned a Klansman in effigy.

Most of the people the Journal-Constitution talked to were happy with the results.

Watch some video from the event below.