Watch Kayleigh McEnany furiously whitesplain to a black Republican that the GOP ended slavery
Kayleigh McEnany, Shermichael Singleton -- screenshots

In the second half of a contentious panel on MSNBC on Saturday afternoon, Republican National Committee spokesperson Kayleigh McEnany blew up when one panelist called President Donald Trump a "racist," then snapped at a black conservative who mentioned the GOP does have a history of racism.

As the panel on Virginia Governor Raplph Northam's racist photos was wrapping up, journalist Jonathan Alter inserted that Trump was a "racist, full stop," which set McEnany off.

As McEnany shouted and Alter tried to reply to her, conservative Shermichael Singleton attempted to calm the waters by admitting the GOP has a few things to answer for when it comes to racism.

With McEnany angrily denying Trump is a racist by citing a recent tweet he wrote about Black History Month, Singleton stepped in.

"Kayleigh, I think we can all acknowledge -- we can all acknowledge -- and I'm a Republican, that our party has not done a great job on race relations more often than not," he suggested.

"We ended slavery and Jim Crow!" she insisted talking over him. "We're the party of Lincoln and have done a great job!"

You can watch the video below via MSNBC: