WATCH: Stone-faced Matt Whitaker humiliated by Rep. Nadler in closing comments -- and threatened with subpoena
Acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker testifies before Congress. Image via screengrab.

Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-NY) used his position as the chairman of the House Judiciary Committee to blast acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker at the close of a highly contentious hearing on Friday.

As he closed the hearing down, Nadler took the opportunity when Whitaker couldn't respond to accuse him of giving misleading answers and promised that he would be called back before the committee again.

"Before we adjourn, I want to note for the record that, Mr. Whitaker, that you owe us responses on a number of issues raised here today," Nadler told the stone-faced Whitaker. "The responses that we intend to secure, including but not limited to the times and dates you were briefed on the special counsel's investigation, your communications with the president after you received those briefings, the basis for your statement that the special counsel's investigation is reaching its conclusion, and whether you told the special counsel not to take any specific investigative or prosecutorial steps."

"I would also note that your testimony was at best inconsistent on the topic of your communications with the White House prior to your tenure at the department," he continued. "It is not credible that you both interviewed for a job handling the president's response to the special counsel's investigation and never conveyed your opinions about that investigation to the White House."

"We require answers to these questions and I ask the department to work with the committee to provide them," he added. "As part of that work, I fully intend to call you back for an interview under subpoena if necessary and I expect more fulsome answers at that time, without objection, for the witness or additional materials."

You can watch below: