Bill Shine resigns from the White House after just 8 months
White House photo of Kellyanne Conway, Bill Shine and Sarah Huckabee Sanders in the Oval Office.

Former Fox News executive Bill Shine has reportedly resigned from the Trump White House — just over seven months after he joined it.

Bloomberg News' Jennifer Jacobs tweeted that Shine resigned from his communications strategist position on Friday morning but is still going to serve as a senior adviser to the 2020 Trump campaign.

New York Times White House correspondent Katie Rogers noted that although there was some tension between Trump and Shine in the White House because the former Fox News exec "wasn't getting the results" the president expected, his allies in the administration were "surprised" by the announcement.

The Washington Post reported similar fissures between Trump and Shine as described by White House aides.

In recent months, former and current administration officials said, Trump "complained about his media coverage and blamed Shine in part for not making it more positive."

They also had "a number of disagreements in recent weeks," the aides told the Post.