CNN's Chris Cuomo owns Corey Lewandowski with actual facts about Fox News 'pawns'
Chris Cuomo and Corey Lewandowski on CNN/Screenshot

On Monday, Trump associate Corey Lewandowski was grilled by CNN's Chris Cuomo.

Lewandowski was apart of the 81 individuals and entities that The House Judiciary Committee demanded documents from in a new widespread probe against President Donald Trump.

"You're on the list. How do you feel about it?" Cuomo asked.

"I'm not sure what they're looking for but what I can tell you, any e-mails that I had have all been turned over. I'm sure they have been gone through multiple times. I have been very candid. I have testified in front of the House Committee on two separate occasions for 12 hours. I have testified in front of the Senate committee," Lewandowski said.

Lewandowski failed to say clearly if he would comply with the investigation or not, and continued to dodge Cuomo's questions.

"Will you comply?" Cuomo asked.

"They'll have the opportunity to review the testimony. I've been very clear that I have nothing to hide. I have been very clear. There was no collusion. No coordination between the Trump campaign and Russia," Lewandowski answered.

When the topic turned to Fox News, things got even more heated. Cuomo called the network nothing but "pawns," and Lewandowski went off and struggled to defend the president.

"In primetime TV and from a management perspective, they are pawns for this president and you know it," Cuomo said.

Watch below via CNN:

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