Judiciary chairman says he's certain that Trump obstructed justice and abused power
Rep. Jerry Nadler, D-NY (Screen capture)

Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-NY) said that he's confident President Donald Trump obstructed justice.

Nadler released requests for documents from 81 people close to Trump Monday. The move came after former "fixer" Michael Cohen outed the president for multiple financial crimes.

"Our goal is to hold the administration accountable for the obstruction of justice, the abuse of power, and the corruption," Nadler told CNN's Erin Burnett. "Our goal is to vindicate the rule of law, to protect the rule of law in this country. And that's our core function as a Judiciary Committee of the Congress. And we have to find out what's been going on and we have to lay out a case to the American people and reveal it."

He noted that there hadn't been an administration that disregards the law in this way in a very long time.

"There were so many attacks on the rule of law, attacks on the Justice Department, attacks on the press, attacks on the judiciary, attacks on the norms we depend upon to protect a democratic government," he said.

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