Cohen provided documents damning to Trump presidency and Trump Org during closed-door testimony: Trump biographer
Composite image of Rachel Maddow and Emily Jane Fox on MSNBC (screengrabs)

Longtime Donald Trump "fixer" Michael Cohen provided testimony that was as damaging for the Trump administration as it was to the Trump Organization, Vanity Fair national correspondent Emily Jane Fox explained to MSNBC's Rachel Maddow on Wednesday.

Fox is the author of the 2018 book Born Trump: Inside America's First Family and is close to Cohen.

"I will say that I talked to people who were in the room today and the feedback from the people in the room today was Cohen was able to provide things that were damaging to the Trump presidency, matched only by the things that he was able to provide that were damaging on the Trump Organization," Fox reported.

"That was the only rundown I got from hearing room today," she added.

"As damaging as his statements and allegations have been thus far to the Trump Organization, he has today been able to make statements or allegations or provided evidence that is just as damaging to the presidency," Maddow summarized.