Conservative nails 'embarrassment' of CPAC 'clapping like seals' for Trump -- and warns it's the new GOP
Tara Setmayer (Photo: Screen capture)

Republican pundit Tara Setmayer was disgusted by the sharp turn the Republican Party has taken to worshiping President Donald Trump.

In a Sunday CNN panel discussion, Setmayer said that her party has "bent its knee in a corrosive way" to Trump. She said that he's been to CPAC probably one dozen times and she once looked forward to his speeches. The last few times, things have been different.

"It’s really sunken to a place of embarrassment," she said. "Watching Republicans clap like seals to that lunacy of a speech yesterday by the president of the United States is just disheartening in a lot of ways. This is where the party is going."

She said that it's clear this is where Trump intends to go and how he intends to run in 2020.

"It was very revealing," she said. "So, for those who are going to run against Donald Trump, study that and look at it. What he did inside of all of those one-liners and trying to normalize a lot of the fact that he’s gone against so many norms and institutions and constitutional ideals and decency, he also injected some of the pieces of 'I will protect you' and 'I’m the only one.' That’s what got him elected in the first place, fearmongering."

Watch her comments below: