Conservative reveals a simple strategy Democrats can use to mortally wound Trump's 2020 re-election bid
President Donald Trump -- seen here in Buenos Aires during the G20 summit. (AFP/File / SAUL LOEB)

Writing in the Washington Post, conservative commentator Jennifer Rubin suggested Democrats forgo trying to impeach President Donald Trump -- which likely would be impossible with a Republican-controlled Senate -- and focus on the drip, drip, drip of allegations of Trump family illegality coming from their own investigations and from Southern District of New York investigators.

Rubin cited bombshell accusations made by Trump's former personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, on Wednesday as a door that has been opened to months of more public hearings and exposure of even newer evidence of Trump crimes.

"Michael Cohen in testimony Wednesday pointed House Republicans in the direction of many possible crimes (e.g., bank fraud, tax cheating, conspiracy to violate campaign finance laws, suborning perjury) that President Trump may have committed," Rubin wrote. "Cohen also mentioned a whole bunch of people who would have evidence of Trump’s alleged crimes and lies, The list includes Ivanka Trump, Donald Trump, Jr. and Trump Organization chief financial officer Allen Weisselberg."

Writing, "Judging from Cohen’s testimony, it does not seem as though the Southern District of New York prosecutors have much of a problem with the House plowing over some of the same ground they have covered," Rubin added, "In other words, way before moving on to consider the possibility of impeachment, there will be months of hearings laying out in public potential Trump crimes and assembling a list of Trump’s lies. "

According to the conservative columnist who is an ardent critic of Trump, the best way to defeat Trump at the polls in 2020 (providing "Trump hasn’t fled the scene with a Pence pardon in hand") is to batter Trump in the court of public opinion while at the same time proposing popular legislation that the embattled president will never agree to.

She added Trump will likely also be buffeted by state of New York charges, writing, "There could be some criminal cases filed before the election involving Trump."

"It will be clear for all but the Trump dead-enders that he has repeatedly lied to the American people. (Forget about state and federal authorities.) And we know from the Cohen hearing how much Republican congressmen hate liars," she wrote. "It’s all upside and no downside for Democrats to proceed this way, especially if they manage to keep moving forward substantive, popular legislation — including background checks, lowering prescription drug costs and school construction."

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