Conservative website unleashes flood of ridicule on 'safe space' CPAC with brutal dismantling of Laura Ingraham, Charlie Kirk
Laura Ingraham on Fox News/Screenshot

CPAC has been making headlines this week for a number of things said on stage by Republicans at the annual confab, and one conservative site, whose editor-at-large is Bill Kristol, had a hilarious take Friday on the happenings inside the conference.

"CPAC is a magical place where college dropouts lecture college students, where millionaires beg for prayers for their success, where soda-bans are likened to the Red Purges," wrote Molly Jong-Fast in the Bulwark on Friday. "We live in difficult times and even Conservatism Inc. needs a safe space," she added on the conference.

Jong-Fast then went on to ruthlessly mock many of CPAC's higher profile speakers, including Turning Point USA's Charlie Kirk.

"Kirk is something of a paradox," Jong-Fast wrote. "He’s a college dropout who travels the country trying to indoctrinate college kids into Trumpism, and after he’s lured them in, he seals the deal with 'big government sucks' t-shirts and a complete lack of self-awareness."

But the writer saved her best barbs for Fox TV host Laura Ingraham.

"The highlight of the hellscape was seeing Laura Ingraham attempt a comedy set," she wrote. "Laura said that Democrats want post-birth abortions and made a number of extremely unfunny jokes about Jim Acosta and yet as much as conservatives goof on the Daily Show, the audience responded with rote clapter....whoever told Ingraham she ought to tell jokes should be sent to the Hague."

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