'Crazy': CNN conservative shoots down Trump's budget GOP can't even understand
President Donald Trump. (AFP / Jim WATSON)

On Monday, A CNN panel hosted by Brianna Keilar shredded President Donald Trump over his 2019 budget proposal.

"There is one number that is getting a lot of attention -- 8.6 billion is what Trump is requesting for his border wall next year," Keilar said.

Keilar said that Trump's budget sounded like a "wish list" for "Santa Clause."

"I think it's pretty clear the message the president is trying to say is 'don't pay attention to the $7.5 trillion deficit, but pay attention to the fight I really want to have which is the wall. That's how I will get reelected.' That's what he is trying to say," Democratic strategist Karen Finney said.

Commentator Jamal Simmons ripped the budget as nothing more than "smoke and mirrors."

"It is somewhat of a wish list. The numbers get bouncing around like crazy. He is playing with the numbers in a way that I don't even think Republicans can understand. I think he is shooting himself in the foot." Conservative commentator Amanda Carpenter said.

Watch below via CNN: