'Crying Nazi' Chris Cantwell blames Israeli intelligence for white supremacist in-fighting and 'smears' against him
Neo-Nazi Christopher Cantwell (Vice.com/Screenshot)

Charlottesville's "Crying Nazi" has found a new culprit for the series of dramatic fractures plaguing online white supremacist groups — Israeli intelligence services.

As Molly Conger, a Charlottesville-based activist whose profile rose after attending the deadly Unite the Right rally in August 2017, noted on Twitter Tuesday evening, Cantwell suggested in a Monday post on his website that Mossad is responsible for discord among white supremacists.

The "Alt Right optics debate," as Cantwell described it, featured the clash of those two groups — the "Dylann Roof fan club" on the one hand, and those who seek to gain respect in the eyes of establishment conservatives on the other.

"You can be a Nazi LARPer troll on the Internet, and trigger Leftists into behaving like savages, or you can try to participate in the mainstream political discourse," Cantwell wrote, recounting the events of the last two years in white supremacist events. "You cannot do both. Our attempt to blur the lines was bound to fail, and in hindsight, one is left to question if that was an accident."

In his post, the white supremacist podcaster claimed that although he doesn't like to entertain "conspiracy theories," he believes fractures within the loose community of internet neo-Nazis are "a classic example of Jewish subversion."

"I cannot prove that this was the work of Israeli intelligence," Cantwell added, "but I could hardly think of a better way to destroy the Alt Right than to pit them against one another in this fashion."

He added that such a conspiracy is emboldened by the existence of a "smear campaign" against him — a reference to the increasing number of white supremacists figures who've grown to dislike him and openly criticize him on Gab, the "free speech" social network used by Pittsburgh synagogue shooter Robert Bowers.

"While I am guilty of so many actual imperfections, the people who attack me would rather tell lies, claiming that I have snitched on people for non-crimes I was wholly unaware of, that I am addicted to methamphetamine, that I have disclosed customer data to the media or the government, or that I am a homosexual," Cantwell wrote. "The smear campaign waged against me by people who claim to be part of this movement, makes the smear campaign the media waged against the kids from Covington Catholic School look responsible by comparison."