Donald Trump might be running in 2020 to avoid going to jail: report
President Donald Trump in the Oval Office (Photo: Screen capture)

On Tuesday, a report from The New York Times suggested President Donald Trump's potential motive for his 2020 run.

The report showed multiple checks signed by Trump to his former personal lawyer Michael Cohen and compared the date of the check with events surrounding that time. The report explains that checks could have been written to cover up Trump's alleged crimes.

“We’re talking about a felony committed by the president of the United States where there’s no dispute,” said Mr. Davis, the lawyer for Mr. Cohen.

"A person close to Mr. Trump said that he may have believed the checks were payment for general legal fees, but may not have known why. The president’s associates stressed that the payment to Mr. Cohen was one of several he made privately each month," the report said.

"Mr. Davis scoffed at that. 'You denied the Stormy Daniels affair and that was a lie,'  he said. 'Now you’re denying that you knew about this payoff and reimbursement that Giuliani says you knew about. So your claim of ignorance doesn’t have any credibility,'" the report said.

As legal battles engulf the president and investigation in New York and in the House Judiciary Committee surround him, The Times said Trump might be running again to avoid going to jail and other consequences.

"Indeed, some people close to Mr. Trump have privately predicted that he will ultimately choose to seek a second term in part because of his legal exposure if he is not the president. While there is no legal consensus on the matter, Justice Department policy says that a president cannot be indicted while in office," the report said.

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