Federal Highway Admin spokesman busted for making jokes about Sandy Hook victims and 'aborting' Democrats
Doug Hecox [Photo: Via his website]

On Thursday Politico uncovered offensive tweets from Federal Highway Director and adjunct professor, Doug Hecox, about a range of topics from a school shooting to abortions.

In 2016 he tweeted, "More Republicans would support abortion if they realized how many Democrats it prevents."

"The Twitter account was made private shortly before Politico inquired about Hecox's tweets. Hecox, who according to his LinkedIn profile has been with the agency since 2004, did not respond to a request for comment," the report said.

Hecox’s works as an adjunct professor of journalism at American University. He has tweeted and made light of multiple mass shootings.

"In 2012, on the day 20 children were killed during the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in Connecticut, Hecox tweeted: 'The realist in me thinks the Newtown shooting is a tragedy, but the optimist in me thinks it is a good lesson in subtraction.' Newtown was also the subject of several other tweets Hecox posted that day," the report said.

He also tweeted about the Aurora, Colorado, movie theater shooting. Even though his page was made private, Politico was able to screenshot a photo of his tweets.

The agency he works for said that his tweets "do not represent the positions held by the agency."

"We do not condone the insensitive posts from the individual's Twitter account," A spokesperson American University said.

“This person thought it was a good idea to mock gun violence victims on the worst day of their family members’ lives. It isn’t funny, it isn’t appropriate, and in fact, it’s incredibly offensive and shouldn’t be acceptable in our culture," Shannon Watts, founder of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sens told Politico.

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