Firefighter gets fired over praise for lynch mobs – and throws his wife under the bus for racist rant
Fire Chief Randy Blakey.

A Jacksonville, Arkansas volunteer firefighter appears to have posted a shockingly racist rant to Facebook after the arrest of two black men, although he blamed his wife for the post, reports

"That's good I'm glad he's getting locked up that means less blacks in the community," wrote someone on the Facebook page the firefighter shares with his wife. "I think the old school laws need to take place where hangings are made and the African American community is nothing but a joke," they added.

After the North Pulaski Fire Department was overwhelmed with posts, the firefighter told the Fire Chief that it was in fact his wife that had written it.

The Fire Department terminated the firefighter and tried to assure community residents that they are not racist.

"We are here for everybody, it makes no difference about what they look like everybody is the same to us," Chief Randy Blakey said.