Fox News' Chris Wallace suggests a bombshell is hiding behind the Jared Kushner security clearance story
Jared Kushner appears on CNN with Van Jones/Screenshot

A host from the president's favorite news network, Fox News, suggested that the New York Times bombshell scoop about Donald Trump ordering that Jared Kushner be granted a top-secret security clearance in spite of intelligence concerns might have some "there" there.

The Times reported on Thursday that White House Chief of Staff John Kelly and White House Counsel Don McGahn were so concerned by Trump ordering Kelly to grant Kushner the clearance that they both wrote memos about it.

Host Chris Wallace noted that "if the New York Times story is correct — and it has been corroborated by some other news organizations," it would raise some serious questions for the Trump administration.

"The CIA and other organizations were so concerned about [Kushner] that they were not comfortable giving him a top-secret clearance and this went to the White House counsel, Don McGahn and the chief of staff, John Kelly and they were not comfortable giving him a security clearance," the host said, adding that "the president ordered it, he has the right to do so."

"But what was it that they were so concerned about," Wallace mused, "that these people were doing something that they knew the president wasn't going to like and refusing to give the top security clearance to Jared Kushner?"

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