'Frightened': Conservative columnist lays out Republicans 'submissiveness' to Trump
U.S. President Donald Trump and Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell tried to move past the tensions that followed the collapse of the healthcare reform effort on Monday with a show of unity that focused on tax reform and other items on the Republican agenda.

On Tuesday, Washington Post  conservative columnist Dana Milbank said that Republicans are "frightened" of crossing President Donald Trump.

"This is how far Republicans will go in submissiveness to President Trump: They will vote to surrender military spending projects in their own home states and districts to avoid displeasing him," he wrote.

He explained that by supporting Trump's national emergency to get funds for his wall at the US-Mexico border that they are directly pivoting funds that will benefit their constituents.

"In upholding Trump’s emergency declaration, they are giving him blanket authority to take $3.6 billion from any of nearly 400 already approved military construction projects of his choosing in 43 states — and to spend it on a border wall. House Republicans already voted to put their districts’ military spending projects on the block," he said.

Milbank said that the GOP has not transformed their party to solely fit the needs of Trump.

"It’s certainly not the first instance of Trump pulling Republicans from their moorings. The one-time party of fiscal discipline just received a budget from Trump proposing years of trillion-dollar deficits. The party of free trade is now condoning Trump’s trade wars. The party of law and order blesses Trump’s attacks on the Justice Department and the FBI, and the party of personal responsibility accepts his payment of hush money to an adult-film actress," he said.

Adding, "More likely, they are frightened of crossing a man who warns that those who do “put themselves at great jeopardy.” Either way, it’s not that these lawmakers are ignoring their constituents — it’s that they are heeding a constituency of one."

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