President Donald Trump's lawyer and friend Rudy Giuliani was caught dangling pardons in front of Michael Cohen, according to emails obtained by CNN. It was enough for former FBI counterintelligence chief Frank Figliuzzi to anticipate the former New York City mayor will probably end up being interrogated by the feds.

MSNBC host Nicolle Wallace noted that some of these felons seem to be "banking" on getting a pardon from the president.

"So, this is interesting because it squarely is in the realm of obstruction of justice and witness tampering," said Figliuzzi. "And the thing about -- they need thikg about working corruption is -- if you get a human source or two, you've got your case made. There's been recent reporting in the media that there are cooperators on the topic of dangling pardons."

He went on to caution against people being caught up in the "he said/he said," about who approached who because it doesn't matter.

"If Cohen's attorney went first and said 'Hey, what about a pardon?'" he continued. "OK, I'm less interested in that initial approach than I am in response to it, and what happened after. And who's a player in recent reporting being placed kind of squarely in the middle of all of this? Rudy Giuliani. And it's headed towards a situation where I think Giuliani will become a fact witness on obstruction and pardons; we're probably going to see a battle about executive privilege, etc. But Rudy Giuliani will get his day to go sit across from the FBI and prosecutors."

Watch the segment below: