GOP lawmaker accuses Democrats of conducting an 'inquisition' and assault on the 1st Amendment by investigating Trump
Rep. Doug Collins (CSPAN2)

CNN is reporting that conservative Congressman Doug Collins (R-GA) has fired off a letter to House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler (D-NY).

In the letter, Collins contends that House Judiciary Committee's oversight efforts are "an abuse" of Congress' oversight power.

"Such an investigation serves only one of two possible purposes: either you intend to impeach the president, for alleged crimes that have yet to be discovered, or you intend to embarrass him," Collins said in the letter, per CNN. "The severe overreach of your inquisition runs afoul of nearly 150 years of Supreme Court precedent and over 200 years of oversight conducted by this committee."

The Congressman goes on to cite a expert on government oversight, Morten Rosenberg, in his letter, seeking to bolster his case that the Democrats in the House of Representatives currently looking into Trump and his associates potential crimes are somehow not doing their jobs correctly when it comes to oversight.

Collins quotes Rosenberg in the letter to Nadler as saying that "the Supreme Court has held that the First Amendment restricts Congress in conducting investigations."

But CNN directly contacted Rosenberg Thursday, and he told the cable news network that he doesn't think Nadler's effort conflicts with the Constitution at all.

"All they're doing is making an invitation with these letters -- an invitation to cooperate," Rosenberg told CNN of the Democratic oversight efforts currently underway in the House.

The expert further said he thought Collins is "exaggerating what's going on here," adding "there's no constitutional problem" with Nadler's investigation, according to CNN.

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