GOP lawmaker flails wildly and rants about Hillary Clinton when asked about Trump's attacks on McCain
Rep. Mike Turner (R-OH) appears on CNN (Screen cap).

A Republican lawmaker flailed wildly during a CNN interview in which he was simply asked whether he thought it was appropriate to attack a dead senator.

After being asked by CNN's John Berman to comment on Trump's latest attacks on the late Sen. John McCain, Rep. Mike Turner (R-OH) went off on an angry rant about Hillary Clinton funding opposition research into the president that McCain would subsequently pass on to the FBI.

"I think what's come to light in most recent days is, of course, the use of the discredited dossier and it is being placed in McCain's hands by Democratic Party operatives by Christopher Steele, who is being paid by Hillary Clinton..." Turner began.

At this point, Berman interrupted him and pointed out that his answer had nothing to do with his original question.

Nevertheless, Turner persisted.

"I'm saying over the recent days the attempts to use John McCain to legitimize the discredited dossier for the purposes of initiating an investigation against the president has come to light in testimony!" Turner fumed.

"Congressman, again, none of this gets to my question," Berman interjected. "Does it justify, congressman, the president of the United States at a White House-funded event in Ohio, in your home state, talking about the funeral of a human being, let alone a war hero like John McCain who passed away in August?"

Turner admitted that he was "saddened" that Trump talked about McCain that way -- and then continued ranting about the Steele dossier.

Watch the video below.