House Democrats hope to stoke 'anger' against Trump by exposing his crimes in multiple investigations
President Donald Trump speaks at the White House (Screen cap).

House Democrats plan to roll out a series of investigations into President Donald Trump's finances and presidency over the coming months as part of a long-term impeachment strategy.

Congressional Democrats worry impeachment could backfire if they move too quickly, so they intend to bleed Trump slowly with lengthy hearings to produce a damning public record that will eventually become impossible to ignore, reported Axios.

Six to eight House committees are coordinating investigations into Trump's alleged abuse of power, obstruction of justice, conflicts of interest and money laundering, the website reported.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and other top Democrats aren't eager to take up impeachment with Republicans in control of the Senate, so they're trying to drain his support by investigating a wide range of alleged crimes by Trump and his family.

"Many in leadership believe impeachment could help Trump get re-elected," said one source close to House leadership. "(They hope to) pivot the anger to defeating him on the campaign side next year."

"The last thing they want to do is help Trump like it eventually helped Clinton," the source added.