‘I’m a co-host of The View!’ Meghan McCain fumes after Joy Behar points out she's not in Congress
Joy Behar and Meghan McCain (ABC)

"The View" co-host Meghan McCain stomped into a tantrum after Joy Behar challenged Republicans to push back against the Trump administration's proposed cuts to the Special Olympics.

Rep. Joseph Kennedy III (D-MA), whose great-aunt founded the organization, appeared on the program to passionately defend the Special Olympics, which would lose about $18 million in funds from the Department of Education, and said President Donald Trump was sending a clear message to athletes with disabilities: "You're not worthy of federal funding."

"That's nuts," Kennedy said. "If that's where the focus is, increase the revenues coming in so that we can serve those who need it most, not those who don't."

All the panelists agreed the cuts were cruel and unnecessary, and McCain claimed the Special Olympics seemed to have GOP support.

"For whatever it's worth, congressman," McCain said, "there's no Republican, at least sitting here in this audience and at this table, I think I can speak for, that agrees with this. I think we're all in agreement that this is wrong."

Behar challenged them to fight for the Special Olympics.

"You know what, they need to open their mouths," Behar said.

McCain insisted she just had, but Behar reminded her: "You're not in Congress."

"I am a co-host of 'The View,'" McCain said, clearly peeved. "Okay?"

Behar said she knew that, and co-host Ana Navarro entered the conversation.

"Here's a suggestion," Navarro said, "get rid of five feet of wall and fund the Special Olympics."

Behar made the most of her hosting duties, filling in for the still ailing Whoopi Goldberg, and had the last word before taking a commercial break.

"He wants to build his wall and let children suffer," Behar said. "He's the worst president we've ever had and everybody knows it."