'It's just sad at this point': CNN's Brooke Baldwin floored by Trump's latest anti-McCain comments
Brooke Baldwin/CNN screen shot

On Wednesday, CNN host Brooke Baldwin shamed President Donald Trump after he continued his attack on the late Senator John McCain (R-AZ).

Trump said that he wasn't a fan of McCain and complained that he didn't get a "thank you" after giving McCain the kind of funeral he wanted.

"This is coming from the president of the United States again disparaging the late Senator John McCain. It's disgraceful," Baldwin said. "It's sad at this point."

"There is something much deeper going on here, the president saying that veterans are on his side, disparaging the late senator as a war hero," CNN reporter Barbara Star said. "This is politicizing the U.S. military. And you might ask yourself today, why has the U.S. military been so quiet? Why has the president's attacks on his war record gone unanswered? Why are they letting the president in public say the veterans are with him and his decisions? There is no indication, no reasonable indication that America's veterans are anything but American citizens who vote their conscious across the political spectrum."

She then called out the GOP's silence to Trump.

"Why are they afraid of the president?" she said.

Watch below: