John Dean warns Roger Stone will spin new 'conspiracy theories' about Michael Cohen to defend Trump
John Dean speaks on MSNBC/Screenshot

John Dean, the former White House counsel for Richard Nixon, detailed parallel experiences that he and Michael Cohen share after testifying before Congress.

On Friday, Dean wrote in The Washington Post advice that he had for Cohen.

"We both found ourselves speaking before Congress, in multiple open and closed venues, about criminal conduct of a sitting president of the United States. This is not a pleasant place to be, particularly given the presidents involved," Dean wrote.

Dean said that people will probably come to support Cohen and that only Trump's confidant Roger Stone is willing to go to jail over for Trump.

"I was surprised by the number of the people who surfaced to support my account. The same, I suspect, will happen for Michael Cohen. The Mafia’s code of omertà has no force in public service. I have heard no one other than Roger Stone say he will go to jail for Donald Trump,"

Dean explained that now that Cohen is in the spotlight that Trump defenders will forever try to tarnish his name.

"Mr. Cohen can be sure that Mr. Stone will promote new conspiracy theories to defend Mr. Trump and himself, even if it means rewriting history. Presidential scandals tend to attract a remarkable number of dishonest 'historians,'" he said.

He then said that Cohen's closing statement warning Republicans not be involved with Trump was the  "chilling."

"This was the most troubling — actually, chilling — thing he said in his five hours before the committee," he said.

Dean asked Cohen's lawyer Lanny Davis to clarify the closing statement.

"Davis, if I had understood Mr. Cohen’s testimony correctly. Mr. Davis responded, 'He was referring to Trump’s authoritarian mindset, and lack of respect for democracy and democratic institutions.'"

He said that even after Trump is gone, America will still have to fight those who support him.

"Mr. Trump is the first authoritarian president since Mr. Nixon, and neither he nor his supporters will play fair. Mr. Cohen will be dealing with these people for the rest of his life," he said.

"In fact, all Americans are affected by the growing authoritarianism that made Mr. Trump president. These people who facilitated his rise will remain long after Mr. Trump is gone. We need to pay more attention," he wrote.

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