'He likes to hurt people': Ex-Trump casino executive explains how the president is 'sociopathic'
Former Trump Plaza hotel president and COO Jack O'Donnell. Images via screengrab.

Former casino executive Jack O'Donnell explained that President Donald Trump's behavior can, at times, be "sociopathic."

In a Wednesday interview with CNN host Erin Burnett, O'Donnell explained that because George Conway attacked Trump's personality, and he'll likely come back "very strong."

"Not only does he come back strong, but he comes back to try to tug at some emotional piece," he said. "And I think getting -- if he can cause more friction between the Conway family, I think that's what Trump is trying to do. And it's very typical of him. He did it to me. He's done it to others."

O'Donnell recalled that he did a show at one point and Trump was supposed to be there or have a representative attend. He brought Roger Stone.

"And completely off subject in the middle -- he takes off with a character assassination of my father," O'Donnell said. "Well, you know, that's what he does to try to get people to react emotionally. And it's a way of control for him... He also, obviously, planted stories, that I wrote about in my book, where he tried to plant stories about an affair that wasn't happening, because he knows at that point that even the story, even if it's not true, you have to go back to your family and explain what's going on."

He said being forced to do that is a victory in Trump's eyes. It's remarkably similar to the attacks on Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) or the attacks on former FBI deputy Andrew McCabe or James Comey.

"There's a mean streak that runs through Donald Trump's heart that I don't think people can underestimate," O'Donnell continued. "And he does get a great deal of satisfaction out of that. So while I'm not a diagnostician for mental health disorders, there is a piece of this that is almost sociopathic, that he likes to hurt people. You don't have to be a professional to see these traits come out in him. So, I think it's part of him, quite frankly. It's who he is."

Watch the full interview below: