Mueller might be saving the indictment of Trump's kids for his final act: Ex-Watergate prosecutor
Composite photo of Robert Mueller (White House photo) and Donald Trump, Jr. (screengrab)

Former Watergate prosecutor Jill Wine Banks in a Friday appearance on MSNBC cautioned against too much speculation about the impending Mueller report, but added that if the special counsel was going to indict any of President Donald Trump's adult children, there's a good reason why it would be one of 'the very last things' on his to-do list.

"Mueller has remained silent as is appropriate, and no one knows when the report is going to come," Wine Banks said. "No one knows whether there are pending indictments, whether there are sealed indictments already filed. We don't know.

"If there was going to be an indictment of any of the president's children, that it would be the very last thing you would do so as to not be there when the president erupts," she went on. "In order for us to read the tea leaves, we need tea some leaves, and we don't have any. There's no evidence right now for us to conclude whether or not the Mueller report is imminent."

Host Hallie Jackson interjects and pointed to a number of indicators that the investigation was winding down, but Wine Banks wasn't convinced.

"There's just no way of knowing until, for example, all the evidence seized during the search at Roger Stone's home has been gone through, you can't wrap up the investigation," she said. "So I think we just have to be patient. It could be wrapping up. Everybody is on sort of tenterhooks waiting."

Watch the video below.