'No doubt': MSNBC's Morning Joe agrees with George Conway -- Trump shows signs of mental decline
Donald Trump

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough agreed with George Conway that President Donald Trump "no doubt" shows evidence of cognitive decline.

The conservative attorney, who's married to White House adviser Kellyanne Conway, has been engaged with a feud with the president, whom he suggests has a mental illness and other possible disabilities.

"George Conway just tweeted a link to that decades-old interview between Tom Brokaw and Donald Trump," said "Morning Joe" co-host Mika Brzezinski.

Scarborough said he agreed with Conway's analysis, that Trump seemed less mentally sharp and his syntax was jumbled.

"There is no doubt that what George Conway is getting at is the case," the "Morning Joe" host said. "He rambles and sort of speaks in word salad right now, unlike earlier tapes."

Co-host Willie Geist stopped short of diagnosing the president with any illness, but he said Trump was noticeably different than he used to be.

"I'm not a doctor, I'm not going to make any medical diagnosis but you believe your eyes when you see two pieces of tape that are very different," Geist said.