'Pathetic' Jim Jordan obliterated by conservative for repeating Trump's lies and treating voters like 'rubes'
Freedom Caucus member Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan is confronted about sexual abuse on Fox News. (Screenshot)

Following a clip of Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) reciting Donald Trump talking points and dodging any questions over whether the president lies, a conservative MSNBC regular called his performance "pathetic" and an affront to the people who elected him.

Speaking with host Joy Reid, Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin was asked about the Ohio lawmaker's performance during former Trump attorney Michael Cohen's Wednesday congressional testimony and then how he dismissed it during an interview with NBC's Chuck Todd on "Meet the Press" and replied with scorn.

"What do you make of your former party to pretend that eight hours never happened?' host Reid asked.

"It's like Stalinist Russia," Rubin sneered. "The fact that he said something different the day before does not matter. When you ask about the lies, the answer is a complete disconnect, 'no collusion, 'no, we are asking about lies: 'no collusion.'"

"That's the way these people talk and to watch them hooting and carrying on CPAC and watch this kind of performance [Jordan's] is pathetic," she added. "It is unworthy of people who are elected and stay in office. They treat their voters like rubes. The question in my mind is how long they'll be able to play this game."

You can watch the video below: