Trump has ‘classic case of male fears of inadequacy’ on McCain: Retired Lt. Col.
CNN's Anderson Cooper and retired Lt. Col. Ralph Peters (U.S. Army) (Photo: Screen capture)

On Tuesday, retired Lt. Col. Ralph Peters, did not hold back while criticizing the president during an interview with CNN's Anderson Cooper.

Peters said that Trump's latest actions such as attacking the late Senator John McCain (R-AZ) only showed the his "inadequacy."

"He can't help himself from once again attacking John McCain who is both a war hero and deceased," Cooper said.

"John McCain was and in our hearts remains the man Trump could never be," Peters said. "And Trump knows it. It's a classic case of male fears of inadequacy. He wants to show us all how tough he is. He is not tough. He's a draft dodger with a big mouth."

"I have been privileged to know some men and women, I regard as genuine heroes," he added. "And they don't shoot off their mouths. They don't gratuitously insult people. They don't incite hatred. On the contrary, the people who have actually served this country so well with John McCain, his generation is a leading example, they don't behave like Trump."

Reporter Yashar Ali tweeted that Trump has been attacking McCain for over a decade. In an interview with a veteran reporter Dan Rather, Trump said that McCain was not technically a hero because he was captured in war.

Watch below via CNN: