Trump biographer rips the president's behavior as 'out-of-control' -- warns that 'he's not up to the job'
President Donald Trump suggested he will declare a national emergency on the border with Mexico as a way to use military funds to erect a wall. (AFP / Brendan Smialowski)

Trump biographer Michael D'Antonio wrote in a column for CNN that something is terribly wrong with President Donald Trump.

Trump has had a bizarre week, and D'Antonio describes his behavior as "an out-of-control Reddit commenter."

The president sent out a flood of Tweets about everything from Fox News to the late Senator John McCain (R-AZ).

Trump had, "several off-key days for a president whose behavior is so troll-like that Americans have come to expect him to act more like an out-of-control Reddit commenter than a chief executive of the United States. Altogether, these events reinforce the idea that Trump is wholly unsuited for the Oval Office," he wrote.

He then blasted Trump for his response to the New Zealand mosque shooting and said that Trump promotes white nationalist ideology.

"In failing to specifically condemn anti-Muslim terrorism in New Zealand, Trump demonstrated once again that he's not up to the job," he said. "And perhaps part of why Trump cannot easily condemn white nationalism is because he has been blowing white nationalist dog whistles for several years now."

"Trump's words and actions have drawn the admiration of white nationalists, including the New Zealand mosque attacker, who purportedly mentioned the President by name in his manifesto," he added.

He said that no matter how much White House officials defend Trump that it is clear the president is unfit to lead.

"White House officials can offer all the denials they want, but the fact that the questions are asked -- again and again -- is a sign that something is terribly wrong with the most powerful person on Earth" he said.

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