Rich Georgetown student bragged about SAT cheating -- and now her degree might be in jeopardy: report
Georgetown University Junior Isabelle Henriquez (Photo: LinkedIn)

Isabelle Henriquez loves finding "all possible solutions" to solving problems, according to her LinkedIn page. It will be helpful now that the FBI is looking into whether she knowingly cheated on her SATs to get into Georgetown University.

She is one of many students who've been named in the Department of Justice's latest investigation about wealthy families forking over massive sums to get their children into top schools. The $25 million scheme now might send Henriquez's parents to jail.

Some students weren't aware of the lengths that their parents were going to score them a leg-up in their future, but Henriquez did. According to the Daily Beast, she is accused of willingly participating, and her degree might be in jeopardy.

"She’s the daughter of Manuel and Elizabeth Henriquez, two of the 50 people charged in a $25 million cash-for-college scheme wherein wealthy parents allegedly plotted with an unscrupulous college preparatory business to buy spots at top-flight universities," the site reported Tuesday.

The 204-page court filings say that the Henriquez family paid at least $425,000 to the Edge College & Career Network, also known as "The Key." Founder William Singer, who's agreed to cooperate with investigators, confessed to helping cheat tests, bribe coaches and lie on admission applications to several top schools.

Her parents join at least 50 other families in the indictment. Meanwhile, she says on her LinkedIn page that she's the Incoming summer wealth management analyst in New York, while also being an Investment Banking Intern in Washington, D.C.