Second Wikileaks insider ‘flips’ and cooperates with federal prosecutors asking about Assange: report
WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange (Screen cap).

Federal prosecutors have obtained cooperation from a second Wikileaks insider, The Daily Beast reports.

Wikileaks volunteer David House, a close friend of Chelsea Manning, initially invoked the Fifth Amendment when subpoenaed to testify before a federal grand jury.

House testified for roughly 90 minutes in May.

“I decided to cooperate in exchange for immunity,” House told The Beast.

“You know, I’m walking around on the street out here. I’m not in an embassy," he explained.

“They wanted to know about my meetings with Assange, they wanted to know broadly about what we talked about," House said.

House is the second insider to flip.

Sigurdur Thordarson, an Icelandic Wikileaks staffer, secretly spied on the group for the FBI.

Thordarson turned over to the FBI eight hard drives of private Wikileaks chat logs and media.