‘Shameless and lawless behavior’: NYT editorial board hits Trump hard while praising House Dems for oversight
President Donald Trump. (AFP Photo/MANDEL NGAN)

The New York Times published a new editorial Monday trashing Donald Trump, and praising House Democrats from the Oversight Committee.

"Things are about to get real." the Times' Michelle Cottle wrote.

"If you thought the past two years of inquiries into possible misbehavior by Trumpworld were brutal, brace yourself, [because] phase 2 is about to heat up," she continued, before predicting that  the "next several months [will] be a nonstop pageant of subpoenas, hearings and court challenges."

But Democrats should not fear this, she wrote, but instead, should welcome the oversight.

"Political investigations tend to be marathons rather than sprints, requiring the slow, meticulous accretion of evidential layers," the editorial noted. "It’s easy to forget how slowly and painfully the Watergate investigation unfolded," Cottle reminded readers.

The editorial board member then hit Trump hard for his "shameless and lawless behavior" before imploring Democrats to stand strong as the House Oversight Committee does the hard work it needs to do in the coming months.

"This is what oversight looks like," she wrote. "It is not for the faint of heart."

Read the full OP-ED here.